Tracey Ezard, Professional Triber, Learning Culture expert, speaker, facilitator and author of Glue and The Buzz

Many workplaces I go into are chock full of people blearily staring at screens in the morning, stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done. Donna’s book The First 2 Hours is jam packed full of pragmatic ways to change that. Giving us the lens of when rather than what, Donna turns what we do with our day on its head. Donna’s approach to how we use our time more effectively is accessible, doable and practical. The research is fascinating, as are the simple ways we can save ourselves from the crushing vortex of ‘busyness fatigue’. Along with Donna’s previous book The 25 Minute Meeting, The First 2 Hours is a game changer.

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Ivan was in the privileged position of having his own office. This meant he could schedule open- and closed-door time quite easily. However, he found that, even when his door was open, people weren’t... More
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