With much written about being our best, working at our optimum, needing more sleep and the problems with multitasking, The First 2 Hours gathers, presents and explains the leading thinking on what we need to be doing with the most important time of our day. Tasks, activities, selfassessments and tips, combine with practical advice that can be implemented immediately. Leaders and teams in organisations would do well to adopt the advice here to make signifi cant gains personally and professionally. It’s time to stop fighting for productivity and start going with the elements that science, experience, research and data say will help us truly be our best. Aaaaah … it feels better already.

Imagine that there were ways to set ourselves up to have awesomely productive days every day — rather than those days where we are struggling to get through our to do list, and find ourselves spending hours outside of work getting our work done. Donna has written a deceptively simple book and shows how, with a few tweaks to our day, we can tap into our energy levels and work so much more productively and enjoyably. Donna continues to set the benchmark for helping us manage our productivity and time, first with The 25 Minute Meeting and now with The First 2 Hours. If you are looking for a practical, evidence-based guide to help you design your day and take back control of your life, you must read this.

Many workplaces I go into are chock full of people blearily staring at screens in the morning, stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done. Donna’s book The First 2 Hours is jam packed full of pragmatic ways to change that. Giving us the lens of when rather than what, Donna turns what we do with our day on its head. Donna’s approach to how we use our time more effectively is accessible, doable and practical. The research is fascinating, as are the simple ways we can save ourselves from the crushing vortex of ‘busyness fatigue’. Along with Donna’s previous book The 25 Minute Meeting, The First 2 Hours is a game changer.

I am a massive fan of Donna’s two-part pragmatism and inspiration and The First 2 Hours meets all my expectations and then some. If you want an upgrade around how you live and do life then get your hot little hands on this one. You can’t afford not to.

WOW! What a great, easy to read business book. The First 2 Hours is overflowing with great insights and practical advice to make sure you truly do get the most out of your day.

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