PS News - 24 Feb 2020

Are you looking to improve effectiveness and side-step snares that can come up in shared output? McGeorge has the knack to enlighten you on how to accomplish more from your day.

Contactpoint Blog by Heather Maloney - 28 Jan 2020

Over the New Year break I try to read at least one physical book. Usually the book is in some way connected to business, with the aim of helping me during the business close down period to refresh and reframe my views of business, and start the year with appropriate, positive changes. It’s a great time to reflect and take a step back.

Customplan Financial Advisors - Linkedin 23 Jul 2019 & Wealth Professional Canada

If so, you’re not making the most of your workday. Read Donna McGeorge's recent Wealth Professional Canada Magazine article to learn how to maximize the productivity of your working hours.

Human Resources magazine NZ - June 2019

Do you rush through your day from one crisis to another, answering as many emails as you can in the gaps between pointless meetings?

Chief of Staff Magazine - Jun 2019

Breaking down the day’s tasks into manageable, bite-sized chunks is the key to boosting efficiency and productivity, writes Donna McGeorge.

Chief of Staff Magazine book review - May 2019

Happy to be reviewed in the company of some great authors as well.

B&T Magazine- 29 Apr 2019

Donna McGeorge is a speaker, author and mentor who helps people make their work work and author of the bookThe First 2 Hours: Make better Use of Your Most Valuable Time. In this guest post, McGeorge offers her tips to get more out of your workday…

Working Women - 25 Apr 2019

Chuffed to be mentioned in the Working Women magazine.

Lawyers Weekly - 18 Apr 2019

As a busy lawyer, it’s likely you currently spend your day rushing from one crisis to the next, writes Donna McGeorge. 

Training & Development Magazine - 15 Apr 2019

Excited to get a mention in the book reviews with some other great authors.


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