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Wear your success

Before bed my friend Rosie always decides what she is wearing and eating the next day, otherwise she just can’t sleep. She chooses an outfit, including shoes and handbag, and hangs it all at the end of her closet, closest to where she gets dressed. She prepares her lunch and has it ready in the fridge to collect before leaving for work.

Rosie claims it’s her secret to success when it comes to being productive! Another friend, Iris, takes wardrobe planning to a whole other level. She checks the weather forecast and makes her wardrobe decisions for the whole week. She says that sometimes, on a particular day, she will change her mind because she feels like wearing something other than what she’s planned, but that’s rare, and there still isn’t any agonising over the decision. She’s got a fallback. On a Sunday afternoon, my friend Jeremy plans the dinners for the week.

With two teenage kids, he likes to have it all organised so that it’s either quick for him to make when he gets home, or it’s easy for one of the kids to prepare. All of these folks say that these simple habits have a huge impact on their mental wellbeing and productivity throughout the week.

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